Albert, Diane - Foster Home Worker

Atcheynum, Jessica - Family Preservation / Navigator Worker

Baptiste, Pauline - Administration File Clerk

Bear, Reberda - Family Community Outreach Worker (Evenings and Weekends)

Burwash, Dorothy - Finance Family Enhancement Clerk

Crain, Lenora - Family Services Manager

Jimmy, Tami - Receptionist

Nicotine, Janice - Family Enhancement Manager

Niska, Nighttraveller - Finance Manager

Parenteau, Kristin - Family Service Worker

Pooyak, Dottie - Family Finders Worker

Semaganis, Rachael - Family Community Outreach Worker (Evenings and Weekends)

Standinghorn, Ed - Family Enhancement Worker

Starchief, Joyce - Executive Assistant / Human Resources

Swapna, Soman - Family Protection Worker

Swiftwolfe, Wilma - Family Enhancement Worker

Tootoosis, Harley - Family Community Outreach Worker (Evenings and Weekends)

Tootoosis, Irene V. - Executive Director

Voeltz, Holly - Finance / Maintenance / Operations Clerk

Whitecalf, April - Family Support Worker (Evenings)

To work with families and children we need to be patient, to have understanding, to have compassion and be non-judgmental. Look at all what is good in people. Do not dwell in the past, move forward.