FAMILY Enhancement & Prevention Services

Keyanow Child and Family Centre, Inc.


Indigenous Services Canada/Government of Canada information:

Indigenous Services Canada mandate for Prevention Services delivery is quoted as:

1.) Reduce the number of children in care

2.) Avoid children going into care

3.) Reunification of the children in care with family and community


The following are excerpts taken from:


Government of Canada FNCFS Transitional Terms and Conditions;

‘The development and delivery of prevention services to support the safety and well-being of First Nations, children, youth, young adults, families and communities, in an approach that is culturally appropriate, in their best interests, and in accordance with substantive equality.’


‘In promoting positive outcomes, child and family service programming may focus on building up a child, youth, young adult, or family’s sense of purpose, optimism and hope, resilience, confidence and agency.’


Keyanow Child and Family Centre, Inc.’s Information:

 ‘Vision Statement’

“Our families must achieve the responsibilities given to us by the Creator with respect to family structure, child raising and community as expected in our Cree Tradition”.

‘Mission Statement’

“Our Team will commit to the responsibilities given to us by the Creator by providing services that keep the Child and Family together in our communities”.


Programs and Services

Keyanow Family Enhancement Unit/Prevention provides services and programs in accordance with the Vision and Mission statements by following Cree Traditions. A short compilation of programs and services provided thus far are:

Adult Make & Take – Conversational Cree and making a skirt, beading – moccasins, lanyards, etc. a fun and enjoyable creative break for adults.

Boys Club – bringing boys and young men together to learn new teachings and lessons to carry with them into manhood. Instilling quality traits to live off the land and to use the outdoors, bringing the kids back to the land!

Boys One On One – focusing on one child at a time to help build self esteem; positive relationship; behaviors; respect for self and other. Mentoring in a safe, culturally appropriate manner.

Collective Kitchen / Cooking Outside – Is a Parenting Support Program designed for those who need assistance in cooking healthy and affordable meals. First nation menu will be prepared in an outdoor kitchen. Facilitator, support worker and participants meet once a week.

Community Liaison – the Adult and Youth Outreach workers will be visiting within the communities – schools, clinics, daycares, other programs and homes.

Crafts/Cultural Teachings – Craft nights are with the kids/youth. Land based/cultural will be various events and activities such as snaring; roles in ceremonies; setting up a sweat; sweetgrass and sage picking; tipi teaching-how to set it up; fishing, etc.

Elder’s Circles – a time to share and listen with elders in the communities – an opportunity for members to connect with elders.

Elders Sitting with Young Mothers (aged 18 to 30 years) – an open opportunity for young mothers to gain traditional knowledge in child rearing; relationships, etc. an opportunity to build relationships with elders of the First Nations served.

Family Tree – this is a 6 week program geared towards Family Preservation. Families will have the opportunity to work together. Each family will obtain information/research during the 6 weeks and information will be gathered in family tree format and put on display.

Father/son – a time for father and son to learn, share and communicate to enhance their relationship, roles and responsibilities.

Follow Your Path – Provide the youth with a learning experience in culture. To have elder and youth interactions. Follow your path will help guide children with proper protocol for ceremony as well as showing children our way of life. Involving the youth with tipi teachings as well as singing and dancing.

Healing on the Land – this program will focus on looking at holistic approaches to Healing on the land. To get an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life which includes all creation. Healing on the land makes use of the healing properties that are all around us on the land and water – to help people with their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness.

Home Safety/Fundamentals – basic home keeping/safety knowledge. Recognizing the time elapse between a household injury and the arrival of trained EMS this course will give you the necessary skills to help the injured until paramedics arrive. We answer the what, where and whys. Participant involvement is also used in best practice from actual emergencies.

Horse Spirit – mistatim acahk maskowsiwin/Strengthening through the horse spirit is a 4H light horsemanship initiative for you ages 10-18 years old; embracing the concept of ‘to learn by doing’. The initiative provides classroom and experiential learning through a step by step basics of horsemanship that is safe, respecting and enjoyable for the beginner and for the horse.

Iskwewsisak – A program for young girls aged 8 to 13 years old - to learn life skills in a fun and adventurous way.

Kids and Youth Gym/Physical and Movie Nights – activities for the kids and youth to build social skills; team efforts; positive thinking; physical activity – landbased with limited capacity.

Kids Make & Take – Introduction t sewing, beading, crafts and art for co-ed aged 8 to 13 years.

Land based Activities – various outdoor winter activities such as snow shoeing; cross country skiing; snaring; trapping; tracking, et. Focusing on traditional Cree methods of food sovereignty/sustenance.

Mens Group – to give men the opportunity to interact, encourage, a time to reflect, share and encourage empowerment

Mother/daughter – a time for mother and daughter to learn, share and communicate to enhance their relationship, roles and responsibilities.

Miyo Oskinikiskwew – A program of life skills and roles in the nehiyaw life cycle for young girls aged 13 – 17 years.

Pimatisiwin – is for every age and is designed to teach how to take care of one’s self and how important it is to look after one’s body, mind and spirit.

Teachings of the Medicine Wheel – Focus is on the medicine wheel – dealing with spirituality, intellect, physical and mental aspects.

Traditional Kinship – what are the roles and responsibilities; elders from the First Nations will be utilized.

Traditional Parenting – A historical view of the life cycle and our roles and responsibilities - in an indigenous perspective.

Wichitahsow Men & Women – Focus on enhancing one’s self in the Cree way of life.

Womens Group – a time to share, reflect and learn in a safe environment.

Young Men & Women’s Cooking Class – To enhance cooking skills of our young men and women – enhancing life skills - a way to assist in the home.

Young Men’s Group – focusing on men aged 18 to 30 years old, to give men the opportunity to interact, encourage, a time to reflect, share and encourage empowerment – an elder is available.

Young Womens Group -focusing on women aged 18 to 30 years old, a time to share, reflect and learn from elders.

Elders Gathering; Elders Camp; Family Camp; Youth Conference; Rounddance: Powwow (support); Repatriation of children in care to communities of Little Pine, Lucky Man and Poundmaker; Teepee Teachings; Building Capacity for community members such as Mental Health First Aid; Bringing In Our Traditional Knowledge workshop; Buffalo Riders Training; Equine Therapy; First Nation Cultural Camps (support); Wild Meat Distribution; Regalia Making: Leather Crafting; Easter and Christmas Food Hampers to Prevention families; Individual family support; Welcome Baby; and others


Family Enhancement/Prevention Staff positions and brief description:


Family Preservation/Navigators;

Family Enhancement Workers;

Inhome Support Workers;

Prevention Program Aide;

Youth/Community Outreach Workers;

Adult/Community Outreach Workers



Referrals accepted by:

Self – individuals can contact the Prevention staff or main office.

Keyanow Family Services – families are referred to Prevention unit to provide programs and services to specific children and their families

Schools and Community – school and community staff may contact Prevention staff or main office

Ministry of Social Services, Sask Justice and other agencies and resources – referrals are accepted from other agencies and resources


Monthly Calendar - Little Pine

Monthly Calendar - Poundmaker

Pamphlet - Duty to Report